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About Us: Welcome
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Our Story

D’s Bakehouse' was the name conferred on my baking experiments, that would often find its way to my cousins, occasion or none!
The COVID-19 lockdown and completion of a 5-year Law degree (finally - phew!) gave me plenty of time to devote to my passion for baking. It didn't take long for my heart to realise that the pleasure and satisfaction I got from mixing ingredients, getting the whiff of a warm cake baking and getting creative with frosting, was beyond measure!
From there began the micro entrepreneurial journey... I started a D’s Bakehouse Instagram page, created my logo, and posted my creations. And then the orders started coming in and how! Who knew the power of sweetness and word-of-mouth (pun intended!) would carve its own path, bringing me appreciation while still pushing me to learn, experiment, create and delight my dessert cravers!

About Us: About Us
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